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Which Baby Boy Names Spring To Your Mind?

Well, okay, we did girl names, it seems fair to also do boy names. Same rules: see if you can access your subconscious mind and let a boy name (or names) APPEAR in your mind, rather than for example mentioning the carefully crafted name you already know is at the top of your list. If a name appears and it’s a name you dislike, you can try again, because brains can be strange. If a name appears and it’s a name you like but it wouldn’t be your first choice, or it wouldn’t work with sibling names or your surname or with what the other parent would like, don’t worry about any of those AT ALL, because this is just a game and we are not actually choosing these names, merely playing around.

Quite awhile ago now, I had a similar dream in which I was suddenly naming a boy, and in that dream I chose Oliver Frederick, and I’ve thought of that dream often enough over the years that I have significantly skewed my own playing of this game! So in my case I thought, okay, NOT Oliver Frederick, NOW which boy name SPRINGS TO MY MIND, and I immediately thought George. Which is a little bit funny, because one reason we didn’t use the name Oliver is that we’d had a cat named Oliver, and we also had a cat named George. (I LEARNED MY LESSON with those two cats: the names that seem too whimsical for a real baby and therefore perfect for a pet are often the names that will NOT seem too whimsical about a decade later, and then there will be Regret.)

I definitely do have George on my boy-name list; I don’t know where I’d rank it in terms of how likely we’d be to use it, but…medium-likely, I’d say. I think for sure it would be one of the half-dozen finalists.

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