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Well, we’ve reached November! What a fast year!…

Well, we’ve reached November! What a fast year! Let’s look back at the birth announcements from November last year for our latest baby name game. What would you name three or more children using the names below? For an extra challenge, keep all spellings the same!

Girl First Names
Sadie, Evelyn, Azayla, Araya, Isobel, Constance, Alice, Aurora, Amelia, Elliet, Camilla, Elaine, Elif, Olive, Eliza, Ophelia, Alexandra, Ellie, Emily, Kimber, Addison, Arabella

Girl Middle Names
Maree, Marie, Rosalea, May, Mary, Daphne, Diana, Isabel, Catherine, Veronica, Mercedes, Chloe, Rose, Verla, Marjorie, Jean, Anne, Betty, Olivia, Nicole, Grace, Lynn, Jean

Boy First Names
Wilfred, Leo, Cillian, Leon, Martin, Charles, Leon, Nicholas, Sebastian, Ethan, Thomas, Harrison, Bradley, Hector, Hugo, Finley, Arthur, James

Boy Middle Names
Buchanan, Augustus, Stuart, Rory, Jase, James, Armistice, Mallard, Aki, Fox, Digby, Edward, Alan, Charles, Warren, John, Robert, Cornelous, George, Tobias, Alexander, David

My choices are:
Isobel Daphne, Cillian Rory & James Tobias.

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