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Welcome to the last of our baby name games using…

Welcome to the last of our baby name games using the 2016 birth announcements! I hope you’ve enjoyed this baby name game series. What would you name 3 or more children using the babies who had their births announced in December 2016? For an extra challenge, keep all spelling the same!

Girl First Names
Isabel, India, Kaydence, Kendyn, Farah, Paige, Lita, Landry, AnnaLeigh, Stella, Hadley, Molly, Aline, Scarlett, Isabelle, Gabriella, Violet, Lyric, Willow, Adriana, Alicen, Myra, Athena, Eleanora, Harper, Stevie

Girl Middle Names
Victoria, Catherine, Nancy, Taylor, Jayella, Liyana, Lee, Marie, Elizabeth, May, Kate, Francis, Frances, Dylan, Renée, Louise, Ann, Rose, RoseMari’e, Grace, Jill, Mae, Jade

Boy First Names
Seamus, Alijah, Angus, Mason, Jaxon, Roland, Liam, Jack, Jason, Caleb, Konner, Hunter, Kameron, Talon, Aiden, Jackson, Chazz, Everett, Aden, Damian

Boy Middle Names
Owain, Howard, John, Conner, Elliott, Roy, James, Zitzke, Morgan, Noel, Daniel, Wayne, Philip, Joseph, Cooper, Martin, Michael, Thomas, Andrew, Scott, Lee, Joy

I would have:
Gabriella Mae, Violet Elizabeth, Roland James & Everett Thomas.

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