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We Recast 1996’s “Scream” With Actors From 2023, And — Honestly — We Killed It

Despite having such a tiny part, Drew Barrymore’s performance as Casey in the original Scream became instantly iconic. The child actor’s grand return to acting after going through both rehab and emancipation in her teen years was signal to all: Drew’s still got it, baby. Wry, sweet, charismatic, and with a hint of raw anguish, Drew brought it all and relaunched her career. So, who better to catch that Barrymore wave than Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame? I already know she can bring the comedy, and after going through breast reduction surgery and emancipation, it’s clear she’s faced down enough demons IRL to nail Drew’s (and, subsequently, Casey’s) energy. Ariel, if you’re ever up for it, we’d love to see you take a bow again!

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