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The Quick Analysis

Under the Skin is ultimately about the human condition. The protagonist is an alien who hunts humans. Over the course of many encounters, she comes to admire people. The kindness they show. The courage. The laughter. The hope. The fear. The insecurity. The determination. All of it endears her. To the point where she flees from her handler and mission and attempts to live as a human. But being “other” means that’s impossible. No exploration of the human condition is complete without the negative. Which is why the movie concludes with an encounter with a prime example of just how awful someone can be and how dangerous it is when you’re viewed as “other”. 


  • The Female – Scarlett Johansson
  • The Bad Man – Jeremy McWilliams
  • Andrew – Paul Brannigan
  • The Logger – Dave Acton
  • The Deformed Man – Adam Pearson
  • Man at Club – Joe Szula
  • Directed by – Jonathan Glazer
  • Written by – Walter Campnbell | Jonathan Glazer
  • Based on – Under the Skin by Michel Faber

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Title Explanation

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Ending Explained

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Important Motifs

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Key Shots

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