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Two Sentence Horror

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Two Sentence Horror

Two Sentence horror is a great example of ‘FlashFiction’.

This form of writing isn’t new; two-sentence horror stories have been floating around the internet and for years. They’ve even inspired a TV series.

Google the phrase “two-sentence horror stories”, and you’ll find many examples. This site has quite a few to get you started, but here are some just to illustrate how cool they are:

I just noticed a picture of myself sleeping in my phone’s gallery. I live alone.

The daughter ran up to her father, arms outstretched for a hug. Her father recoiled; he buried her three months ago after the accident.

A body was found in the basement. Strange, since I placed two in there just yesterday.

Two-sentence horror stories can help and reinforce some essential writing skills.

You have to use precise and concise language, and have to be choosy about the words used. The ability to choose the exact right word is a great consistent practice.

One of the biggest mistakes writers make when they write two-sentence horror stories is that they give too much away. For example, I’ve read plenty of stories that read something like “The chair floated in the air. It was scary because there was a ghost.”

You should try to hint at why a situation is scary without giving it away. Remember Show. Don’t Tell.

If you’d like to share your example to a wider “global” audience use the links on the blog, or drop me a line at

Good luck.

So here are a couple of mine.

Carbon Copy? 

I took a selfie.

The clone bank is yet to realise. 


I felt the cool sweet water wash away all
my sins

As I watched the last bubbles of air leave
her open mouth.

Once upon a time. 

“Kiss me,” said the frog. She did and all
her dreams came true.

Mainly due to the hallucinogenic quality of the
frog’s skin.

You know the Drill.

Power tools have really come on in the last
couple of years, I was always running out of extension lead.

Now, cordless means I always catch them.


The Trivial Top 10

Highest-Grossing Horror Movies Ever

1 It (2017) ($327.48M)

2 The Sixth Sense (1999) ($293.5 million)

3 Jaws (1975) ($260 million)

4 Ghostbusters (1984) ($242.2 million)

5 The Exorcist ($232.91 Million)

6 It Chapter Two ($211.59 Million)

7 World War Z ($202.36 Million)

8 A Quiet Place ($188.02 Million)

9 Get Out ($176.04)

10 US ($175.08)

That’s Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing

The most successful horror film series is SAW with a total gross of $733,271,976 (₤481,525,920.92) throughout its 6 installments. This record considers the global grossing of each one of the SAW movies…. YUK

Random Joke of the Day

So I’ve decided to use one of my Two Sentence Horror stories as today’s joke (I used to use this in my stand up act)

Night Night

Go to sleep there’s no such thing as ghosts.

I wish you’d leave me alone Mum; you’ve
been dead for eight years.

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