Top 5 Back to School Organization Tips and Tricks

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back to school organization

Ahh…the back to school season. I’ll be honest and tell ya that as a mom of a whole buncha kids: there’s nothing I love more about the summer time is (when the kids, who’ve eaten us out of house and home, complained endlessly about being “bored” (despite being surrounded with a gobsmacking amount of toys and activities) and frazzled my nerves to the very end) FINALLY get to go back to school.

Summer vacation is nice and all, but it’s time ya’ll went back to school!

– The Funny Mom (that’s me)

However, it’s quite an adjustment going from a free-for-all summer vacation back to the daily routine of school days. I have found over my years of being a mom that having a few organizational tricks up my sleeves helps the back to school season go smoothly.

Top 5 Back to School Organization Tips and Tricks

  1. Go back to school shopping early
    And when I say go shopping “early” I mean…buy school supplies all year round when they go on sale and stash them in a box in the closet. Gather all those supplies my Funny friend, get those pencils and backpacks on super clearance. Gather what you can, when you can and when it’s cheap. Then, when it’s time for the kids to go back to school, all you have to do is pull out said box and voila. No crowds, no lines and no overpriced pencils. The kids are all set and you’ve said yourself grief and dollars!
  2. Create a school gear dumping station
    What is a school gear dumping station you ask? It’s nothing more than a designated and dedicated spot where all the STUFF goes. And by STUFF you know what I mean…kid backpacks, shoes, jackets, lunchboxes, books, pencil boxes etc etc etc (the list of kid school stuff is literally never ending). Your school dumping station doesn’t have to be one of those fancy wall trees in a fancy mudroom. Your school gear dumping station can be as simple as a plastic box on some sort of shelf that is labeled with each kids name. Whatever you choose that works for your family as your school gear dumping station you’ll be thankful that all of that school STUFF is not spread throughout the house (surely getting lost in the process nonetheless).
  3. Name Labels
    I cannot stress the very usefulness of name labels enough. Label everything! We use Name Bubbles because they’re super high quality and won’t fade, peel off OR come off in the dishwasher!! I no longer have to worry about lunchboxes or special water bottles getting lost in the fray of the school. Fancy jackets that grandma bought? You betta believe they’re each labeled with Name Bubbles for each kid.
    Name Bubbles smart trick: I order them with our last name only so they can work for both of the girls in one set and both of the boys in another!
  4. Create a VIPP (VERY IMPORTANT PAPER) station
    Just like the school gear dumping station, the VIPP station is vital for keeping those important papers that need to be signed, filled out or reviewed under control and all located in one secured spot. Field trip permission slip? Report card? Put it in the VIPP station where I will be able see it, sign it and be done with it pronto.
  5. Organize kids outfits & all needed accoutrement the night before
    I learned this valuable tip with my youngest child (who will surely grow to be the world’s leading fashinonista). Waiting for her to get dressed on school mornings had us all groaning. Now, I have learned to have her gather her very important ensemble the night before school and voila! the school morning goes much more smoothly. If your children doesn’t care (like 3 out of 4 of my kids) I pull out their outfits for them the night before and it’s there ready and waiting for them in the morning (shirts, shorts/pants, underwear, socks, shoes and all). Of course not every family is going to need this tip for any or all of their children. But for those of us that have slow slugs in the morning, this tip can be very useful to keep the morning routine going.

I hope these tips have been helpful, but keep in mind that as long as you’re always on the search for making your school days go more smoothly you will for surely find the best organizational tips that work best for your family! Do what works best for you! That’s the best tip I can give you!

Customized Name Labels Makes Organization EASY

As you read in the above top 5 back to school organizational tips & tricks, #3 name labels are a intrigal part of getting and staying organized. Kids have so much stuff!! And I swear once my kids get to school they completely forget what their own things look like. I’ve heard “I took a jacket to school today?!?” on way too many occasions.

Our family lovvves Name Bubbles because they are made of super high quality ingredients that not only last in the washer and dryer, but they don’t fade or peel off! But don’t worry, we’re not the only ones that love Name Bubbles. They have been featured on crazy cool sites such as: Scary Mommy, wirecutter, The New York Times, Red Tricycle and so many more!

The Possibilities Are Endless

Just imagine all of the kid and family items that you can label with the amazing Name Bubbles and never again worry about getting lost. Water bottles, shoes, jackets, backpacks….the possibilities are endless!! These customized Name Bubbles are a fortune finder (literally!).

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Do you have anymore school organization tips? Please share them with us in the comments section!

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