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thenamegarden: Let’s kick off with the first baby…

Let’s kick off with the first baby name game of October! What would you name three or more children using the birth announcements of October 2016? Find the names below – for an extra challenge, keep all spellings the same!

Girl First Names
Kimberly, Savannah, Aphra, Isobel, Lorna, Ella, Margot, Beatrice, Delilah, Mina, Reece, Emilia, Poppy, Alessandra, Iris, Kennedy, Grace

Girl Middle Names
Cheyenne, Clare, Victoria, Cecilia, Molly, Wren, Rose, Alice, Elizabeth, Grace, Leonie, Annabelle, Tu, Lucia, Jude, Alexandra, Callie, Sophia

Boy First Names
Freddie, Samuel, Joshua, Sebastian, Alexander, Henry, Arthur, Louis, Fergus, Alfie, Jason, Connor

Boy Middle Names
James, Augustus, Joseph, Henry, Jonathan, Atticus, William, Simon, Robert, George, Alastair, Coleridge, Alexander, Nelson, Daniel, Clarence, Franklin, Lucas

I’d name them:
Isobel Lucia, Henry Alistair & Louis Atticus.

Kimberly Cheyenne (this is actually the name of my October ‘16 baby lol) Delilah Rose and Poppy Cecilia

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