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The most-Googled nepo babies ever

George Clooney comes in next on the most-Googled nepo babies list, with 403,000 searches.

Some might be surprised to hear that Clooney is a nepo baby, but alas, he is.

The Oscar winner is the son of anchorman, gameshow host and TV host Nick Clooney, and beauty pageant queen Nina Bruce.

George’s father was very well-known in the television industry and hosted his own show, The Nick Clooney Show and AM Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Clooney began acting at the age of 21, and while he didn’t see much success at first, he got his breakout in 1994 when he was cast as Dr. Doug Ross on the drama ER.

Just a few years later in 1996, Clooney wowed in the film From Dusk Till Dawn, kickstarting his acclaimed film career.

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