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Platterful charcuterie board kit review

platterful charcuterie board kit review

We’ve all seen them…those crazy beautiful charcuterie boards that look like they take hours to shop for and days to create. I’ve written all about my love of charcuterie boards in the past, but I have a secret. I have always wanted to create one of those perfectly arranged and themed board but I didn’t know how to get started. What ingredients do I buy? Do I need to draw up a draft on paper first? And don’t even get me started on my thinking I wouldn’t have the patience! But guess what? There’s a charcuterie board subscription box that takes the guess work out of what to buy and how to arrange beautifully crafted charcuterie boards. They sent us this kit to try out, all of the Platterful charcuterie board kit review opinions are cheesily our own.

Why Platterful Is Your New Favorite Subscription Box

  1. Easy
    Log on to and choose your kit size. Kits are sent by 2 day mail in all 50 states every Monday and Wednesday.
  2. Delivered Right to Your Front Door
    The entire kit arrives at your front door in a insulated package. There is no shopping, no guesswork and no trouble. Just open the box and get plating! But if you’re not ready to create your board just yet, there is no problem. Most of their products are shelf-stable, so you’ll have 2-3 weeks from delivery date.
  3. Beautiful
    Every month the folks over at Platterful come up with gorgeous displays of fine meats and cheeses. PLUS they’ll give you detailed (with pictures!) step by step written and video instructions.
  4. Top Quality Ingredients
    Each kit contains perfectly-paired, unique, artisan products, meats, cheeses & accompaniments. Platterful partners with small artisan makers throughout the United States to give you the finest variety of cured meats, cheeses, crackers and accompaniments – I appreciated the little wooden bowls and spoons:)
  5. Did I mention it’s easy?
    I made the most beautiful char BOO terie board in under a half hour. My family loved it so much they devoured it before I could get pictures of them enjoying it!

Brie Round
day of the dead inspired

Aged asiago wedge
one cheesy coffin

Fighting Childhood Hunger

1 box = 10 meals donated

Platterful strives to be constantly aware of the fact that our ability to enjoy luxuries like charcuterie boards is just that… a luxury. There are millions of people, and more heartbreakingly, millions of children across the United States who go to bed hungry every night. That’s why at Platterful they’re making a serious promise to help combat childhood hunger in the United States. For every box they sell, they donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations fighting childhood hunger.

We loved the opportunity to create our own special box and we feel so thankful that the folks at Platterful donated 10 meals in our honor. Now go get one for yourself —> Try Platterful

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