The Company You Keep (Season 1), Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained – Does Charlie manage to get the comms about Daphne’s gun trade?

The Company You Keep (Season 1), Episode 7: The tables have turned between Charlie and Daphne since they have joined hands. However, Daphne is not aware of Charlie’s deal with Emma, where she is the target, and the Maguire empire is in danger.

Nevertheless, hiding facts has been the backbone of much of the drama in ABC’s ‘The Company You Keep’ until now. So a few more secrets do not hurt. Anyhow, the situation is tense for Charlie since he joins Daphne while covertly helping Emma to get close to Daphne’s deals. Morality is yet again at play in the season’s penultimate episode, where new relationships get formed, and old ones are at risk of breaking up.

*spoilers ahead*

The Company You Keep (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap:

Episode 7: Company Man

Earlier, Emma (Catherine Haena Kim) makes a deal with Charlie (Milo Ventimiglia) to ensure that both their families stay out of trouble. The Nicolettis are not much pleased with Charlie working for the CIA, especially Fran (Polly Draper), who recalls a tragic incident caused by the agency. However, Birdie (Sarah Wayne Callies) is surprisingly optimistic about it and considers that at least this girlfriend of, Charlie, is not ruining their lives. She is more open toward Charlie exploring this option maybe because Simon (Geoff Stults) emerged as an option in her life.

Why did Leo make Simon leave Birdie and Ollie?

Birdie was pissed at Leo (William Fichtner) since the moment she learned that he made Simon disappear from their lives. Leo finally reveals its reason. Turns out, Simon let Ollie (Shaylee Mansfield) get almost drowned in a bathtub since he was under the influence and sleeping. Leo saw that, and the moment Simon woke up, he made Simon leave and threatened to kill him if he returned. That’s why Simon worked hard to gain sobriety for over 10 years.

Birdie meets Simon and notices that he is genuinely apologetic about his actions and wants to be a part of their lives. As a parent, Birdie decides to speak with Ollie before making such a big decision. Ollie empathizes with her father since it took him years to get sober.

Meanwhile, Daphne expects Charlie to deliver the painting he sold earlier back to Brad Willard (Michael Gladis). Charlie refuses to be her toy. So she shares her plan to enter Pine Grove, an exclusive conference where the richest people gather to decide the national security agenda before the door. She wants to convince Brad to sell his weapons to her in exchange for that painting.

Emma guides Charlie about his cover during this event. He will enter as Brook Stern Jr, a Yale graduate who worked with the agency before and now deals in the armory. Emma wants him to get the intel about Daphne’s plans and shares an earpiece to stay connected. She also warns him about the tight security. There is another reason for her concern. She hides the fact from the agency that Charlie is her eyes and ears for this operation.

Later, Daphne brings Charlie to Pine Grove but does not invite him to her meeting with Brad. So, Emma suggests using his usual flirting techniques to make Daphne get closer to him. Meanwhile, Daphne meets Brad and suggests her plan to move 10 times as many sniper rifles as the family he is currently working for (Grigori Abramov). But his company will know the missing rifles if he sold them to her. They won’t let go of the sale either since it is a profitable weapon for them.

So, later on, Charlie gets close to Daphne and suggests another approach. For that, she needs to get closer to Henry Scholes, Brad’s company’s CEO, to make him discontinue the use of sniper rifles and find a replacement. Charlie says that for powerful men like Henry, it is either money, respect, or power that drives them. With Henry, it is the money. He does not want to take any financial risks.

So, Daphne decides to get Congressman Eisenberg, who decides the budget of the Department of Defense, to bear the costs. Charlie figures that Eisenberg craves respect. So, he and Daphne manage to get Eisenberg to join them for a game of pickleball. Charlie convinces the congressman of a different strategy. He suggests spending money on remote-controlled weapons to reduce the access of illegal snipers to their enemies.

Charlie’s overall plan is to convince Henry Scholes to consider this weapon as a replacement and to get the government to fund it. He wants the DoD to give a contract for these remote weapons to Brad’s company. It would mean they would discontinue sniper rifles, and Brad will get access to sell them illegally to Daphne.

To convince DoD of this plan, Daphne plans to meet the Under Secretary for the department – Dalton Bridges. He was her former professor at Columbia University. So she expects to get the ball rolling by inviting him for a dinner. On the contrary, Bridges shuns her and gets in favor of Charlie due to his badge, which is worn only by the members of a secret Yale group. Earlier, Emma had given it to him for the same reason. So, while Daphne faces Bridges’ sexism, Charlie gets invited to a secret gathering that night.

By that time, Emma learns that Vikram Singh (Sachin Bhatt), her friend from the FBI, is a part of the security team. She hides the fact that she is using Charlie to know Daphne’s deals. However, she has discussions with him about the morality of their jobs. She ruminates over whether they consider themselves to be good just because they catch bad guys. With all the charade of government discussions about safety for their profits, she falls into this rabbit hole.

Meanwhile, Charlie opens up to Daphne about his father’s dementia, among other things, from his life. There is a hint of attraction between them since they both come from dysfunctional backgrounds and explored a way out by themselves. Anyhow, when Charlie gets into the gathering with Bridges to give them the DoD contract, Vikram’s team barges in since they detect a signal coming from the event.

Emma manages to hide her connection but reaches the gathering just a little late to alert Charlie about it. Emma arrives outside the gathering hall right when Vikram comes next to Charlie. She shakes her head, telling Vikram not to check Charlie for a signal. So, Vikram covers for her, and Charlie’s connection to her remains a secret.

The Company You Keep (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending Explained:

Does Charlie manage to get the comms about Daphne’s gun trade?

Later on, Emma comes to Charlie’s place. He hands over the comms he procured about Daphne’s gun trade. However, the two have a dialogue about Vikram and Daphne. Charlie feels that Vikram would have gotten in trouble for helping Emma. He believes it means that Vikram cares for her a lot. Emma fires back at him for getting too personal with Daphne during the event. Charlie says that he was only doing his job for the CIA. It ends their interaction on a bitter note, and Emma says that she will contact him only when they have more details to get Daphne arrested.

Do Birdie and Simon get back together?

Simon returns to the Nicolettis bar and apologizes to Leo for the past mistakes. Leo says that he will allow Simon to get back into Birdie’s life only if he promises to stay sober. He still stands by his word and threatens to end Simon’s life if he gets close to even a candy cigarette. Simon promises to abide by that, and then Birdie allows him to return to her and Ollie’s lives. He speaks with Ollie in sign language and begins their relationship on a fresh note.

Does Vikram get in trouble for helping Emma?

Vikram calls Emma to tell her that he is under fire for not finding the bug from the event. He says it was the last time he covered for her and expects her to get things sorted. As Charlie suspected, Vikram’s act seems more than just a friendly gesture. Only the next episodes can tell whether it grows into something.

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