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The Quick Analysis

Terrifier 2 is all about how terror can grip an individual, can haunt a community. Art the clown is true to his name, as art gives us the ability to explore our deepest fears and anxieties through images, words, sounds, and stories. He is the embodiment of evil, and he haunts the residents of Miles County as they cope with a tragedy. After a bloody massacre that took ten lives, Art’s mysterious presence haunts the community as people obsess over his whereabouts and fear his return—he is, in artistic terms, a symbol. And as that terror pervades the community, the embodiment of goodness is required to fight it.

That’s where Sienna comes in. Grappling with her own tragedy in the loss of her father, she must realize a destiny her father foresaw: Sienna must vanquish Art. Thus, Art’s communal terror then extends to Sienna’s individual journey. She and her brother Jonathan are desperate to make sense of their father’s mental deterioration, to understand why he became abusive at the end of his life. As Sienna fights Art, she’s symbolically battling the inner grief and trauma that has gripped her and her brother since their father’s death. As Sienna fights the evil that has a stranglehold over her community, she’s fighting for both her community’s and her own survival.


  • Lauren LaVera – Sienna Shaw
  • David Howard Thornton – Art the Clown
  • Elliott Fullam – Jonathan Shaw
  • Sarah Voigt – Barbara Shaw
  • Amelie McLain – The Little Pale Girl / Emily Crane
  • Kailey Hyman – Brooke
  • Casey Hartnett – Allie
  • Chris Jericho – Burke
  • Leah Voysey – the Clown Cafe TV host, and a nurse
  • Samantha Scaffidi – Victoria Heyes
  • Charlie McElveen as Jeff
  • Johnnath Davis – Ricky
  • Amy Russ – Allie’s Mother
  • Cory DuVal – Coroner
  • Damien Leone – Director, writer, editor, sound designer, special effects, visual effects, and Queen Phoenix

Movie Guide

Title Explanation

How did Damien Leone choose this title of his cult movie franchise? How does the title Terrifier lend power to the themes and character journeys? Let’s analyze.

Themes and Meaning

Overcoming grief and trauma, the power of art, and how terror can grip a community are all major themes of Terrifier 2. Coming soon.

Ending Explained

The ending is both the culmination of Sienna’s Hero’s Journey and a perfect set-up for Terrifier 3‘s thematic focus. Coming soon.

Important Motifs

Mythological imagery, anxiety, and art are crucial motifs that better help us understand the meaning of Terrifier 2. Coming Soon. 

Key Shots

There are a number of important shots that reveal both important character information and narrative details for the Terrifier franchise. Coming soon.

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Questions and Answers

How was Art resurrected at the end of the film? What was up with that hell portal in the Terrifier funhouse? We’ve got the answers to your questions. Coming soon.

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