Sweet Christmas, Hasbro reveals Marvel Legends Power Man figure

From the better late than never category, Hasbro revealed a new Marvel Legends figure. And it’s one of Marvel’s prominent black characters for this February reveal. It’s none other than a classic Power Man figure.

marvel legends power man figure

I know the modern look has been around so long now that folks barely remember the classic yellow shirt Jim Brown homage with silver tiara. And the Han Solo Hoth jacket age old debate if his pants were blue or black.

Like the Toy Biz figure before it, this one has black pants. I wonder if Hasbro would release the blue pants as a Retro card figure?

marvel legends luke cage and claire figure review -with toy biz power man


What do you think of this reveal? I’m all set now to start my countdown for Iron Fist and a dramatically improved Misty Knight.

Photo Credit: Marvel, Hasbro

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