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Sudhir Mishra on tiff with Vivek Agnihotri to Padma Shri snub and latest movie Afwaah [Watch] | Bollywood Life

Filmmaker Sudhir Mishra is known for his fearless approach in addressing political and controversial topics in his movies. With ‘Afwaah’ hitting the screens, he aims to continue making films that provoke thought.

Sudhir Mishra on Afwaah: Sudhir Mishra is a filmmaker who is known for his outspoken views and willingness to tackle controversial topics in his films. In a time when many in the film industry shy away from taking political stands or addressing issues of national importance, Mishra fearlessly engages in no-holds-barred conversations about these topics. With his latest film, “Afwaah,” now in theaters, Mishra continues to push boundaries and challenge viewers. Despite his success and critical acclaim, Mishra now says he no longer seeks recognition for his work. Instead, he is focused on continuing to make films that matter and provoke thought. Watch Videos.

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