Stone Ocean Part 2: English Subtitles, Release Date, Time, Cast, Netflix Episode, Plot

Stone Ocean Part 2: English Subtitles, Release Date, Time, Cast, Netflix Episode, Plot: Stone Ocean Part 2: We finally got a second peek at the upcoming Stone Ocean anime episodes yesterday at Anime Expo. It was announced in the most recent teaser to arrive in the fall of 2022. Thankfully, the situation in episodes 13 to 24 is not as disastrous as it may have been.

The Story of Stone Ocean 2

On September 1, we’ll release it on Netflix reasonably shortly. On October 7, the episodes will then start airing on TV again. Let’s now examine the trailer itself. After the events of the “kiss of love and retribution” storyline, Jolyne is sent to the punishment ward in the opening scene. We also catch a peek at Jotaro’s memory disc and the Dio flashback.

Dio’s bone is given a lot of attention in this trailer, which makes sense given that it is unquestionably the most crucial component of this section of the plot. The Stand users who will appear in these episodes are then shown to us, starting with Max and his power Limp Bizkit. Westwood in the Planet Waves meteors, the survivor from the stands, Kenzo, D and G with Yo-Yo Ma, and lastly the green infant.

Stone Ocean Part 2 Release Date & Time

Stone Ocean Part 2 Release Date September 01, 2022
Stone Ocean Part 2 Release Timing 12:00 AM
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As the attention turns to the major protagonists, we get a clearer look at the initial encounter between the Foo Fighters and Anasui and some images of him in subsequent sequences. We catch some of the FF vs. Dragon stream, as well as Max vs. sports and Jolyne vs. Westwood. The fight between Jolyne and Pucci that takes place outside in the marsh is when the trailer comes to a stop.

Stone Ocean Part 2 Netflix Episode Leaks

Overall, I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen in the trailer so far. I’m excited for all of these bouts since I love them all, but Ermes’ arc, which will open this batch, the thrilling match between Jolyne and Westwood, and of course all the chapters leading up to Jolyne versus Pucci are my favorites. I believe the teaser offers us a good indication of how much we can expect to see.

And I anticipate that this batch will come to an end almost right away after chapter 96 of the manga, just before the battle with the jailhouse lock. Regarding the upcoming batch, we are currently unsure of its release date. It won’t be released prior to the conclusion of the TV repeat, at the very least.

That will happen, in my opinion, around December 9 of this year. We received the second batch’s teaser near the end of the first round, so I anticipate the same thing will happen here. Hopefully, the long delay between the two batches won’t happen this time. Nine months was a rather extreme span, and I think almost everyone would agree with that. So hopefully they will tone it down and give us the final batch more promptly.


You can expect a new anime and manga differences video since I’ll undoubtedly make one to cover the second batch once the first batch is out in December 2021. I’m eager to revisit the adaption in a future piece because there have been many intriguing adjustments so far.

September is undoubtedly shaping up to be another significant month for JoJo with the anime on the first and the all-star battle on the second. For any other significant events, I’ll continue to provide updates, so subscribe to the channel to stay informed.

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