‘Spotify: Cinema with BR’ Episode 6: Ask the Critic

Arun Sudarsan: No, I don’t have an administrative role. I never take up jobs with those. I like doing reviews/ interviews etc. far too much, and I could not be this productive if I was doing admin.

But also, many people say “oh, you do so much…” but it’s not that difficult. I don’t use social media except to post my links. I don’t work after 6pm (unless it’s some emergency). So there IS work-life balance (though whether I am “mentally fit,” I will leave for others to evaluate 😀 )

Take an average (imaginary) work week:

Monday: Watch two films
Tuesday: Write reviews for those two films
Wednesday: prepare for interview in the morning / prepare for podcast in the afternoon
Thurdsay: Record interview and podcast
Friday: Watch a couple of new releases / write reviews
Saturday: Plan the week ahead, etc.

I don’t think this is exactly a “staggering” schedule compared to those at Citibank, etc. who work from 9-11 pm and all!!!!

It’s not rocket science. It’s just time management — and thankfully, I am very disciplined that way. (Others call it OCD, but whatever….)

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