Scream 6 | Important Motifs

In this section of our Colossus Movie Guide for Scream 6, we look at important motifs that help us understand the film. 


  • Sam Carpenter – Melissa Barrera
  • Tara Carpenter – Jenna Ortega
  • Mindy  – Jasmin Savoy Brown
  • Chad – Mason Gooding
  • Gale Weathers – Courteney Cox
  • Kirby – Hayden Panettiere
  • Danny – Josh Segarra
  • Ethan – Jack Champion
  • Quinn – Liana Liberato
  • Wayne Bailey – Dermot Mulroney
  • Jason – Tony Revolori
  • Anika – Devyn Nekoda
  • Laura the Film Professor – Samara Weaving
  • Dr. Stone the Therapist – Henry Czerny
  • Written by – James Vanderbilt | Guy Busick
  • Directed by – Matt Bettinelli-Olpin | Tyler Gillett 

Important motifs in Scream 6

Memorabilia from the previous Scream films

Scream 6 evolves the series into a franchise. The nature of franchises is that they’re narratively self-referential, building off of the previous installments. Scream, being a meta-film, is aware of this, so calls it out, turning the trope into a literal and serious-yet-still-tongue-in-cheek aspect of the plot. It’s there to say, “Yes, this is the history of this franchise. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate what’s come before.”

But Scream 6 isn’t self-referential just to be self-referential. It includes all of these physical elements of the franchise in order to leave those things behind. In doing so, Scream 6 announces itself as a kind of rebirth, a new direction. Something that’s made abundantly clear at the very end when Sam drops the Billy Loomis Ghostface mask on the ground and walks away from it.

Kirby Reed

Kirby originally appeared in Scream 4. She’s a bit of a surprise inclusion. Legacy wise, most fans expect Sidney, Gale, and Dewey. But Kirby is one of only a handful of secondary characters to not only reappear but also play a major role in the story. She’s even set up as a red herring for Ghostface. And she gets the last on-screen kill by throwing the TV from Scream onto Ethan. Those are some pretty big moments. 

The purpose of this inclusion reveals itself at the very end, through dialogue delivered by Kirby. She’s on a stretcher, leaving for the hospital, when she tells Sam, “If you ever need me, call. We’re all part of the same f***ed-up family now. And legacy doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.” 

Kirby establishes that legacy characters can be used well and that everyone who has been part of the franchise is part of this big, weird family. It’s highly meta commentary. The actors, old and new, big and small, are part of this Scream family. And coming back, being included, can be good for everyone, actors and fans alike. 

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