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Savannah Chrisley Thrown Off Flight for Unruly Behavior, Responds with Epic Tirade

Savannah Chrisley is having a rough go of it these days.

Most notably, of course, the reality star’s parents are in federal prison after getting convicted last year of various types of financial fraud.

That’s gotta be difficult for any child to handle.

However, we’re not exactly sure if it’s an excuse for what allegedly transpired with Savannah on a Southwest Airlines flight on Thursday.

The Growing Up Chrisley star uploaded a number of videos to her Instagram Stories yesterday that chronicled an incident that took place while she was attempting to board a flight at New York’s LaGuardia airport.

The 25-year old was heading home to Tennessee when she claims an airline attendant “threw her off the flight” because she refused to check her carry-on bag after being instructed to do so.

As you’re about to find out, Chrisley was anything but happy about how everything went down, too.

“Alright guys, so I officially know why everyone hates Southwest so much. I mean absolutely hates it — the worst thing in the entire world,” began Savannah.

She then zoomed in on the airline attendant at the gate — yes, she filmed this footage immediately after getting the boot — and added:

“This man right here… um, awful. I went to board my flight and he told me that I had to check my bag.

“I was like, ‘Okay, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m gonna take my bag on the flight, see if I can’t make it fit and if not, I’ll check it.’”

Savannah Chrisley talks here about her parents during an appearance on a podcast.

The USA Network personality then explained that the attendant told her she had to check the bag.

After Chrisley said she was going to see if there was room for it first on board, she alleges that she got thrown off the plane for being “an unruly passenger.”

“I’m not gonna lie. When the attendant told the pilot calm down, I told the Southwest attendant there was no reason for him to be an a–hole today,” Savannah continued.

“And then he threw me off the flight and said I would not be flying. So, welcome to my life.”

Savannah Chrisley, BIG Glasses
Savannah Chrisley likes some huge, reflective glasses — even in her selfies.

Chrisley went on to say she tried to tell the attendant that she had a 10-year niece at home who needed her, only for him to say he didn’t care and for her to fire back as follows:

“I told him I hoped he found a better purpose for his life.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but the devil came over me and Jesus did not come out.”

Savannah Chrisley with Dark Roots
We have no idea why Savannah Chrisley looks like Demi Lovato in this photo. Long lost sisters?

Later, Savannah — who recently said her mom and dad were shocked they were sent to jail for their crimes — got back on Instagram to give a shout out to the “good-looking” pilot who she says defended her.

“Southwest you’re awful, but to the pilot who stood up for me and was a real good looking guy — my hat goes off to you. You’re great.

“Maybe switch airlines,” she said in a video, adding that the airline “sucks” but their pilot was “kinda hot.”

Ultimately Chrisley got on a connecting flight to Baltimore in order to make it home… showing off how she did get a slight win as the two seats next to her were unoccupied:

So there you have it.

Thank goodness things worked out okay for Savannah.

Lord knows this family can’t handle any more drama.


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