Ruling From The Clouds: 16 Pics Of Regal Kitties Lording Over Everything From Their (Mostly) Fluffy Towers

In a world populated by cats who only know how to build one structure, the tower, every day is a constant battle, where cat towers siege each other to prove their standing in society, pitting cute kitty against cuter kitty, all to know whose tower is the apex of awesome. Thousands of years down the line, this struggle for feline supremacy brings rise to autonomous cat towers with amazing capabilities.

These towers, which originally started off as defunct feline furniture left by a higher being as a gift, now have the power of artificial intelligence, and the means to grow, which now leads to a new power struggle, between the self-aware towers that both house and rely on cats for fuel. Now these towers aim to be the highest they can be, in order to reach the stars and look down upon all their kin from on high.

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