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Prue Leith Gives the Coronation Quiche Her Seal of Approval

Back in 1953, “coronation chicken” became a part of the British food lexicon when chef Constance Spry prepared it for the event honoring the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The creamy chicken dish served cold as a salad or sandwich fillings became classic fare. Now, in the run-up to the coronation of King Charles III, Buckingham Palace has introduced a new soon-to-be iconic dish and shared a recipe with the public. The Royal Chef Mark Flanagan created the coronation quiche, a spinach, broad bean, and tarragon tart that can be served hot or cold. 

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On Tuesday, it got the seal of approval from Great British Bake-Off judge Dame Prue Leith to sample the coronation quiche. At a Westminster Abbey event with Prince Edward, the recently named Duke of Edinburgh, Leith tried a quiche directly transported from the palace kitchen and said it was “absolutely delicious.” She added, “There was no soggy bottom, the custard was not overcooked and dry, and the balance of tarragon was perfect—a really good quiche.”

Leith and the duke visited the abbey for the first in a series of Coronation Big Lunches due to take place across the country over the first weekend of May. Hosted by the Dean of Westminster David Hoyle and the Eden Project, the lunch was intended to inspire communities of all faiths to gather for lunches and street parties to celebrate the coronation.  

On Twitter, former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady said that the quiche reflects some of the foods that he used to cook for Charles. “It’s no surprise that the King Charles III has shared Coronation quiche to celebrate his Coronation,” he wrote. “His mother, the queen, loved chocolate, but the King loves anything with eggs and cheese.”

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