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Olivia Lunny drops her first single and music video of 2023 with the absolute pop powerhouse anthem “TIMEZONE” – CelebMix

Kicking off her 2023 era with this absolute pop smash is Olivia Lunny with her awesome new single and music video “TIMEZONE”. Fierce, gorgeous, and stunning, this new song is one to add to all your favourite playlists and one we’ll be listening to on repeat – that’s for sure. This is the follow-up to her single “Under the Lights”.

Olivia Lunny is a Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter from Winnipeg. At the age of 12, she wrote her first song after taking up the guitar, proving that music has always been there. Since then, she’s gone from strength to strength going on to earn a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year at just 17 years old and scoring a Top 40 hit with her 2019 single “I Got You” – the track, of which, was released after she was crowned one of six winners of the second season of CTV’s “The Launch”. She then went on to win the Young Canadian Songwriter Award from the SOCAN Foundation, signed a label deal with Universal Music Canada/Virgin Music, and released her debut EP “To The Ones I Loved”. Her debut self-titled album followed in 2021 and she has gone on to amass a total of more than 20 million global streams across all of her music. She was also one of a selection of Canadian artists that collaborated for the ArtistsCAN charity single “Lean On Me” for the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Michae Bublé, Tyler Shaw, and Fefe Dobson amongst many others – the song, of which, is her most-streamed track on Spotify with 10.5 million streams, with her singles “Think of Me” and “Sad to See You Happy” behind with 5.2 million and 4.4 million streams, respectively. She’s definitely ready for international success and if her new music is anything to go by she’s bound to go viral globally.

Talking about the track, Olivia Lunny said: “This song was inspired by a series of events – moving to the west coast, the chaos of long-distance relationships, a FaceTime call with my dad while he was in India juggling time zones, and the studio session where the song was born with new friends I had just met from Norway. ‘TIMEZONE’ is unapologetic, carefree and makes me wanna drive along the ocean with the windows down!”

Watch the music video to “TIMEZONE” by Olivia Lunny here:

Written by AJ Healey and Olivia Lunny, whilst it has been produced by exclap, “TIMEZONE” is a completely solid pop anthem that brings out this rising superstar’s fierce vocals and total star quality. Full of hyperactive pop beats that make this track mainstream with the potential to go viral, Olivia Lunny doesn’t hold back flowing through sexy, sultry vocal runs that connect effortlessly with the rhythmic groove of the track as the lyrics delve into spending one night with her love-interest who she is in a long-distance relationship with. “TIMEZONE” is that song that many people will be able to relate to with Olivia Lunny sending chills to every listener with her unforgettable vocals.

As for the music video, which has been directed by Sam Leviton with Shane Bagwell acting as Director of Photography and Jack Birchler acting as Producer, Olivia Lunny doesn’t hold back from bringing us everything we needed and more for an accompanying music video. Looking confident, sexy, sultry, and stunning, Olivia Lunny struts into the video with an air of knowing what she wants and she’s going to get it – her love interest will get a plane and come and see her on the West Coast, and the following scenes show just that. The music video centres around a house party that Olivia Lunny is hosting, as she sings the song about how much she wants her long-distance partner to come and visit her, even just for one night, and as soon as the night scenes come in, we see her partner – played by Akkarajj – has arrived. We also see some awesome scenes of Olivia Lunny riding a motorbike and some wide scenes of the house party as a whole as we watch this rising star navigate the party.

Stream the track on Spotify here:

“TIMEZONE”, by Olivia Lunny, is available to download and stream, right now, on all platforms, via Infinity & Recordings Ltd.

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