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Name Spotlight: Sadie – Ava to Zeke

Meaning: princess; woman of high rank

Origin: Hebrew

Current Popularity: #78

Perennial darling Sadie has felt especially fresh in recent years, thanks to its grandmillenial, vintage feel. It’s timeless, in the way names like Elizabeth or James are, without the traditional, formal associations.

Nickname Potential: Sade, Sades, Didi (Sadie is a nickname name in itself–it is a diminutive of the name Sarah.)

Associations: While the name was at its peak popularity in 2014, it seems like there are famous Sadies for all generations. This tracks because Sadie is an evergreen name, holding its place in the top 1000 for over a hundred years. For Gen Z, we have actress Sadie Sink of Stranger Things fame; for Gen X, British actress Sadie Frost; for Baby Boomers, the Beatles’ “Sexy Sadie.” Yet there is no one association with the name that is so strong that the person bearing it won’t be able to make it their own.

Similar Names: Clara, Daisy, Ella, Elsie, Flora, Ivy, Lily, Lucy, Luna, Mabel, Maisy, Poppy, Rosie, Ruby

Why We Love It: It’s cute yet grown up, sophisticated yet playful. We love the versatility of the name and how it transcends eras. And its meaning, “princess,” is icing on the cake!

Who Might Like It: Parents have really taken to baby names that were once nicknames. Case in point, Jack is currently more popular than both John and Jacob, the formal names for which it was once a nickname. Sadie, also currently more popular than Sarah (and Sara), fits into the trend. While we often recommend giving your child a formal name on the birth certificate, Sadie is an exception. It’s firmly standing on its own these days and is no longer seen as a diminutive. That said, it’s a logical choice for modern parents who want to honor a beloved Sarah.

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