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Name Spotlight: Mirabel – Ava to Zeke

Meaning: wondrous; of wondrous beauty

Origin: Latin

Current Popularity: Not currently ranked in the U.S.

This musical-sounding name has gone under the radar for too long. So we can’t help but be pleased to find it getting a bit more attention now that the light of the Mouse has shone its spotlight upon it. Mirabel has never made the SSA top 1000 names, so despite its new-found attention, we think this is a beauty that’ll eventually find a place in the sweet spot of names.

Nickname Potential: Mira, Mir, Miri, Bella, Belle

Associations: “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” so let’s talk about Bruno’s niece instead: Mirabel Madrigal, the protagonist of the Disney hit, Encanto, who has to be this name’s biggest association now.

Similar Names: Aurelia, Beatrice, Clotilde, Eira, Eliana, Eliora, Esperanza, Flora, Gabriella, Isla, Liliana, Luna, Luz, Marielle, Marisol, Mira, Noemi, Nova, Soleil

Why We Love It: There’s so much to love about this name. It has cross-cultural appeal, finding use in families across continents, from Colombia to Italy to England to America. It’s also great for parents who are looking for a formal name for Bella but want to go with something less popular than top-10 name, Isabella. Mirabel’s name meaning is also “wonderful.”

Who Might Like It: Disneyholics might fully embrace this name, while it still won’t be as highly associated with Encanto as Bruno undoubtedly will going forward. Because of its cross-cultural appeal, it’s a name that could serve as an excellent choice for parents who want to honor differing background heritages on each side.

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