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Muslim Names for Babies Born During Corona Pandemic

Arabic Baby Boy and Girl Names Meaning Life, Hope & Strength

Despite healing nature, inculcating healthy habits amongst humans and unifying them, the coronavirus pandemic has tensed people everywhere. For some parents, the Covid-19 epidemic has brought new baby names trend in motion. While for others, it has enforced the need for more meaningful names that relate to life, strength, and hope.

Islamic Names for Babies Born During Corona Epidemic

If your baby is also born during the Coronavirus fears, consider Arabic baby names that mean life, hope and strength.

Muslim Baby Boys Names to Fight Pandemics & Fears


Aydi أَيْدِي

Aydi is a power-packed Arabic baby name that has been directly mentioned in the Quran. It means strength and power.

Ayyush عيّوش

Ayyush was derived from the Arabic name Aisha and possesses the same meaning. It means living, content, or long-lived. A name that means life hails from difficulties that come along a person’s way.

Basil بَاسِل

Arabic for courageous and lion, Basil will make your darling son a man of strength.

Hayat حَيَاة

Sharing Arabic and Turkish origins, Hayat is a classic Muslim baby name that means “life”.

Hayyan حيّان

Hayyan means alive, awake, and someone with high self-respect. With such a name, your son will always refuse to be mistreated and disrespected.

Nayel نائل

As trendy as it sounds, Nayel has a meaning that is currently the requirement of modern parents. It means brave, winner, and given by Allah.

Tawl طَوْل

A princely name, Tawl has an Arabic root and translates to might, power, strength, and respite.

Ufair عُفَيْر

Ufair is an uncommon Islamic baby name that means brave or courageous in Arabic.

Yamar يَعْمَر

In Arabic, Yamar means life, long-lived or alive. This name fulfills the demand for meaningful names according to the current situation in the world.


A vivid choice, Zufar is an Arabic name that means “like a lion”. Since the name translates to bravery, it will give more strength to your son.

Islamic Baby Girl Names for Bravery During Difficult Times


Amala أَمَلَة

Amala is an Arabic moniker that means hope, wish, and desire. When nothing remains, hope is still there. Wouldn’t you select such a name at this time when we can’t get any cure to the Coronavirus but only hope for the best?
Amala should be pronounced with short “a” sounds before and after “L”. It shouldn’t be spelled as “Amaala” or “Amalaa”.

Aashiya آشية

Urdu for life and alive, Aashiya has been derived from the Arabic names “Aisha” and “Asiya”.

Eesha عيشة

Eesha means life and the way of life in Arabic. Directly mentioned in the Quran, Eesha is a timely classic.

Irmas عِرْماس

Irmas means tough and strong in Arabic. With Irmas, you can increase the inner strength of your little warrior.

Izza عِزَّا

Originating from Arabic, Izza means might, power and strength. Shape your girl’s personality into a powerful one by rewarding her with a name like this.

Jabla جَبْلَة

Jablah is another Arabic sobriquet in our list which means strength and power. After all, we need to empower our little girls right from the beginning.

Omida امیدہ

Omida is a Persian name that can be pronounced as Omida as well as Omideh. Meaning hope and hopeful, this name will always keep your little girl going, no matter what may confront her.

Mahya محيا

Mahya is a trendsetting direct Quranic name that denotes life and earth. Names that are related to life or earth empower children to be heroic and inspirational in their lives.

Mayeesha مَعيشة

Mayeesha is an authentic, direct Quranic name similar to the ever-trendy Mysha. It denotes living, life, existence, livelihood and the way of life.

Reyah رِيَاح

Reyah has been directly mentioned in the Quran to refer to winds, victory, and strength. Overall, it is a powerful Arabic baby name for your delicate darling.

Empower Your Little Fighter with These Covid-19 Baby Names

Islamic baby names that translate to strength, hope and life arm children for difficult times in the future. These names prepare children for challenges of life, mentally and spiritually. We hope you liked the names connoted above and your child turns out to be strong & lively in their health and spirit. We also hope you stay strong and safe for raising your future warrior!

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