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Mom and dads nipple factory

Few films have the ability of making such a strong point about the inherent capacity of humans to be social and kind, and remaining to be wonderful intimate pieces about the subjects. Justin Johnson (or if you prefer to calm him Justinsuperstar, that’s alright) has made a documentary about his family that undeniably didn’t end up like he thought. The connection with his family and how it got stronger is one of the many reasons for the existence of his film. However, Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory is a deep dive into the lives of a family, and more specifically a husband and father, who fought himself and the religion he thoroughly followed to bring some good to this world. It’s not frequent to say “that man is a saint” and mean it. I don’t see a reason whatsoever why Justin’s dad isn’t one.

But it wasn’t always like that.

The Johnson family grew under a very strict code of Christianity and undeniably radical standards. Seinfeld was immoral, Forrest Gump is forbidden, Family Matters is too much. If you didn’t match with these views, chances are you would be estranged. This is what happened with Justin. He was a free soul and he resolved everything by leaving. His father, a cold man, didn’t flinch when he decided to stay away. It wasn’t until Justin’s mother is diagnosed with cancer, that Justin along with his siblings begins a journey that will connect him back to his family through the discovery of a very peculiar endeavor.

Justin’s mother has breast cancer. And after getting surgery, she suffers changes that ashamed her to say the least. This is how Justin’s father goes back to his roots as an engineer and starts designing nipples. Yes, you read that. A man, married with his wife and his church started designing nipples for his wife. As the family opens up about the mother’s sickness, they also begin discovering another side of his dad, a man that would have sacrificed anything if it made his wife happier.

Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory is a great film. It takes a simple storyline and makes something wonderful out of it. On one side, the prosthetics work is amazing to say the least, and Justin capitalizes on this discovery to make his father’s small enterprise one that should be better known. On the other hand, he also uses his film to accomplish the connection with his father. How he does it is revealed on a final scene that will shatter you heart with joy and happy tears. The love of a father is dissected to be a moment of absolute pride and rejoice when the man recognizes the good he’s doing for the world and how better he can make it. Because no matter what you think, his work is outstanding.

In the end, love wins above everything. Any kind of love. From the one you feel when you pray and sing in church, to the one you feel for your loved one as you become capable of doing extraordinary things, even if they don’t quite comply with the basis of strict religion.

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