McFarlane Toys reveals DC Multiverse Impulse, Project Superman figures

No one can accuse McFarlane Toys of being lax with its DC Multiverse line. It feels like every other week we’re getting a new reveal.

This week we get another pair of reveals. The first is Impulse. The grandson of Barry Allen looks to be on the older teen buck making for a figure that won’t be that much shorter than the regular height heroes.

McFarlane toys Dc multiverse impulse

Maybe McF will do a younger/shorter version for a classic Young Justice appearance?

Still this is a nice looking figure especially with the smirking head sculpt and I dig the lightning speed effects. Impulse is a Target exclusive.


Next up is Project Superman from Flashpoint. He’s also a Target exclusive as part of the Build to Connect Cyborg.

This is an odd choice as there’s a lot more interesting choices from Flashpoint that were more significant to the story than this take on Superman.

McFarlane toys Dc multiverse project Superman

The figure could stand to be slighter too for a full authentic look. He joins Flashpoint Aquaman in the wave. Flashpoint Batman is already available so I’m curious if we’ll get the Flashpoint Wonder Woman or The Joker.

These figure are slated for a April release, but with the way this line hits stores it might be worth checking out your area store.

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys

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