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Welcome to our Colossus Movie Guide for M3GAN. This guide contains everything you need to understand the movie. You’ll find a summary of M3GAN in the quick explanation section, as well as our library of material covering key aspects of the movie. We encourage comments to help us put together the best possible guide. Thank you!

The Quick Explanation

M3GAN explores ideas of grief, post-traumatic attachment, the relationship people have with technology, and the dangers of artificial intelligence. Elements of the 2013 movie Her combine with themes from the Terminator franchise give M3GAN a sense of prescience and relevance to modern society and our immediate digital future. Packaging these evergreen topics with a serious family drama that has a child dealing with grief and a career-driven adult having to learn to be a caregiver creates a startling, dynamic confluence of energies. Especially when the movie’s monster, M3GAN, is so on the brink of being farcical. 


  • M3GAN – Amie Donald
  • Voice of M3GAN – Jenna Davis
  • Gemma – Allison Williams
  • Cady – Violet McGraw
  • Tess – Jen Van Epps
  • Cole – Brian Jordan Alvarez
  • David – Ronny Chieng
  • Kurt – Stephane Garneau-Morten 
  • Lydia – Amy Usherwood
  • Celia – Lori Dungey

Movie Guide

Title Explanation

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Themes and Meaning

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Ending Explained

If the ending of M3GAN confused you, this explanation will help you understand everything you need to know. Coming soon.

Important Motifs

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Key Shots

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Questions and Answers

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