Loyal Orange Cat Refuses to Leave His Pawrent’s Side During Her Trying Time of Cutting Onions Even Though He Can’t Stop Crying

Any cat parent who has a ginger cat knows that there is only one braincell that they all share and they take turns using it. That’s why sometimes it would appear that your orange cat is turned off, but then a minute later it might be their turn with the braincell and now they are bouncing off the walls like Spider-man. This orange kitty, however, is hard to tell if he has the braincell or not. Is he using that braincell to choose to be with his hooman even though he’s suffering, or is he braincell-less and that’s way he’s staying in the kitchen crying?…

Basically, this cat mama is cutting up some onions for her own dinner. She looked down by her feet and there is her loyal cat watching her. However, he is literally crying. Tears are flowing out of his adorable lil kitten eyes and it is all because of the onions. His mama keeps telling him he can go, he doesn’t have to be next to her while she is cutting these onions. He is obviously suffering, just like anybody is when they’re cutting some fresh onions. But it doesn’t matter, this kitty is staying by his mom’s side no matter what she says. He can tell she’s also going through a hard time since she too is crying while cutting onions and he refuses to let her suffer alone! 

Gawd, orange feline friends are the best. 

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