Looney Logos


Crazy stuff, kids

A logo is the life blood of an entity.

An instant identifier to the audience of who and what.

It must set you apart from the rest.  And become as recognizable as letters on an eye chart.

Correct me if I am wrong but who doesn’t know the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches?

THAT is the strength of a memorable logo.


But this post isn’t about them.  No, this is about a few logos that leave me scratching my oversized, melon head asking…Why?


Habitual Glass Vape & Wellness

Warm & welcoming!

This came to the house as a direct mail piece (AKA junk mail).  And their logo is…well, striking.

Yeah, a skull is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ‘wellness.’

Is this skull vaping?  Cuz I look the same after biting into a ghost pepper.

And are those supposed to be teeth?  They look more like Chiclet shards.  Maybe a visit to the dentist should be a priority.

In my neighborhood!


Oh, apparently they have opened a new location…..perhaps closer to a funeral home!

With all the smoke this could be a crematorium.


But I just can’t get past having a skull represent a place of “wellness.” 

It makes no sense.

Never ending pasta bowl.



That would be like using Mr. Yuk in the logo of a restaurant.



March Madness just wrapped up so we had our fill of seeing the logo of the NCAA.

Play ball!

It’s a fine logo but I want to know why the letters are off-center.  Explain to me the reasoning of having “NCAA” all cock-eyed instead of smack dab in the middle of the blue circle.

All I can figure is NCAA, college athletics’ sanctioning body, has a body that is saggy & droops.  In need of a supporting underwire.  Something.

Would it kill them to do a push-up now & then?   Yikes.


American Express

Oh c’mon. Really?


The new logo for American Express is just plain silly.

This is not a logo…it’s a stock symbol.

To me it looks like a misprint.  The rest of it getting cut off.



From this…to that.


Was it too much for the consumer to read “American Express” they had to shorten it to “AmEx?”



Some advertising think-tank and its “creative” consultants had to justify their work with some marketing psycho-babble.  Matter of fact, here is a picture of the graphic designer who came up with the hacked-up idea……

Oh brother.



That explains a lot!



Eh, what do I know about corporate imaging.  The lame logo for this site is a sock.

Way to hit it out of the park, Duuuug.


I love this place!


Here is another example of using Mr. Yuk in the name of an eatery.  I liked the Olive Garden design better but I couldn’t resist sharing this one as well.

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