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Kim Kardashian Issues Statement On Her Relationship With Balenciaga Amid ‘Child Abuse’ Ad Backlash– Says She’s ‘Re-Evaluating’ Relationship

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After days of being called out by social media for staying quiet Kim Kardashian formally issues her statement on Balenciaga and its recent drama and gives an explanation on why she stayed quiet.

Balenciaga’s latest drama for its ‘child abuse’ ad seems to only be picking up steam despite the brand’s best efforts to please consumers. The ad featured children holding dolls in bondage and court documents from the US Supreme Court decision on “virtual child porn” laws. Balenciaga has also filed a $25M lawsuit against North Six Inc. and the set designer Nicholas Des Jardin. Even with Jardin designing the set and the ad at the end of the day Balenciaga saw it before the world and approved it. Kim Kardashian has been one of the biggest supporters and collaborators of the brand. Social media has been questioning why she hasn’t spoken on the matter for days but now she has broken her silence.

Kim Kardashian Issues Statement on Balenciaga’s Latest Ad Controversy, Say’s Shes Re-evaluating Her Relationship With The Fashion House

Kim Kardashian who is the mother to four of the most famous children in pop culture broke her silence and admitted she had to take time before speaking.

In her statement, Kim says she was outraged and disgusted just like everyone else. She also revealed she wanted to speak to the team at Balenciaga to see what they had to say about the situation before speaking. Ultimately Kim flat out stated she doesn’t support their ad or normalization of child abuse. Fruthermore she appreciated their apology but is still re-evaluating her relationship with the brand.


Long story short she needs to see how they will move forward and if accountability will be taken before collaborating again.

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