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Kelsey Grammer & Daughter Spencer Grammer Say Lifetime’s ’12 Days of Christmas Eve’ Was Like ‘Therapy’

Kelsey Grammer and daughter Spencer Grammer are starring together for the first time ever!

The father and daughter duo will star in Lifetime‘s The 12 Days of Christmas Eve, airing tonight on the network.

In a new interview, Spencer and Kelsey opened up about the film being therapy for them.

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“There’s definitely aspects of this movie that resonate with me personally,” she told People about the movie, which Kelsey personally pitched to her. “First of all, playing daughter to your actual father is something unique. He’s been such an incredible influence on my craft and my performances and also my work ethic, so working with him was actually quite a pleasure.”

She added that the message in the film was what really got to her.

“In The 12 days of Christmas Eve, this father and daughter get to repair their relationship at some point. And the dad comes back to really, really figure out what the meaning of Christmas truly is. And honestly for me, for that month that we shot, it was incredibly fun and wonderful to spend time with my dad,” Spencer says. “I think it was really healing for us.”

She added, “So thank you Lifetime, for the therapy!”

Spencer and Kelsey are already talking about a sequel. So stay tuned!

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve will air tonight on Lifetime!

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