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Kanye West Haters Start ‘Make Me a Billionaire Instead’ GoFundMe Campaigns

Kanye West has folks trying to help him regain billionaire status via crowdfunding — but his haters have responded with just as much passion.

Here’s the deal … at least one GoFundMe page (possibly more) popped up this week with the goal of making Kanye a billionaire again, soliciting donations … apparently carried out by people who felt he’d been done dirty amid his antisemitism.

It doesn’t sound like any of those campaigns were successful … reportedly only making a few bucks before they were taken down entirely. More on why they were yanked later.

In response to that nonsense … even more silliness. Ye haters have rallied in opposition with their own GFMs that are apparently trying to keep him from hitting 10-digits with an interesting strategy — namely, asking that *they* be made billionaires instead. 😅

The pages are popping up en masse, it seems, with tons of people laying out their logic as … hey, Kanye sucks and he doesn’t deserve to be a billionaire again, but I sure do!!!

Like we said, it’s all pretty goofy … but the fact these GoFundMes are being created as quickly and widely as they are — from different parts of the world — just speaks to how angry Kanye has made folks in the wake of his controversial remarks/fall from grace.

FWIW, these new anti-Ye pages are falling flat. None have raised more than $25, and a majority are in the $5 – $6 range.

In other words, Kanye’s fans and haters alike have a better chance of winning the lottery than striking it rich from donations. Sources familiar tell TMZ … GFM’s terms of service may explain why the pro-Kanye campaigns were yanked and the anti-Ye ones are still live.

Money on GoFundMe must be used for the purpose detailed on the fundraising page … and because Kanye wasn’t officially a beneficiary, the page was pulled.

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