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K.Flay’s newest single is the epitome of finally feeling good again

Los Angeles-based multifaceted artist K.Flay has released her latest bonafide anthem, “It’s Been So Long,” with a fun, dance-able music video starring a crew of inflatable wacky wild wind dancers.

Doubling as an inclusive invite to escape the monotony of daily life and hit the dance floor, K.Flay’s sonically driven ambition is showcased straight away, through the way she is able to incorporate vibrant, beats and underlying distortion of her own voice.

Speaking on the release of her new single, K.Flay revealed that the song actually touches on parts of heartbreak, pain and a little bit of loss: “There’s that moment after heartbreak or loss or pain when you emerge from the wreckage and finally feel good again – ready to go out dancing, ready to be yourself, ready to feel handsome – and it’s like you’ve been waiting all your life to get back to that place and it feels so so so good when you do get there,” K.Flay says. “‘It’s Been So Long’ is about that feeling.”

Some of the best aspects of K.Flay’s art is how she is able to perfectly match the audible energy to her visual representation, and “It’s Been So Long” is no different; to match the track’s energy, K.Flay shows the feeling of freedom that comes with losing all sense of self-consciousness through the clip itself; K.Flay dancing in her room like no one is watching; drenched in self-confidence, and feeling amazing by self-enjoyment.

“We really wanted to capture a feeling of joy, of freedom and unselfconsciousness,” K.Flay says about the music video for her new song. “The way you dance when you’re by yourself. the way you feel when you look in the mirror and think damn I look good!!!!!!!! The wind dancers are just like the epitome of weirdness and wild abandon.”

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