It’s Friday and I’m cuddled up on the couch so come join me but wear a mask.

Today is Friday and that means I have videos for you, but also I’m sick so instead of inviting you into my office I’m inviting you onto the couch where I am currently cuddled up and I am spraying myself with lysol just for you. Luckily it’s not covid or the flu (GET YOUR BOOSTERS, Y’ALL) and is just the cold that’s going around but I’m still feeling lightly pitiful and Victor is out of town so I would love it if you would braid my hair and turn on your favorite comfort show and tell me I’m being your little warrior.

Also, I have a light fever so if you don’t think these are funny it’s probably just because your brain isn’t as boiled as mine:

Unrelated, the other day we were ordering food at Subway and the lady in front of us was talking some bs conspiracy theories and so I loudly said, “WE DIDN’T GET A SINGLE TRICK OR TREATER THIS YEAR AND NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THIS FENTANYL?” and Victor got all big-eyed and was like, “wtf, Jenny” and I thought it was hilarious but I didn’t share it because I thought it was maybe too much but now I’m high on cough meds and it seems funny again. Sorry.

PS. I am going to jinx myself by asking this but am I the only one left who has never had covid? Because I’m all shitted up but I know other people who have had all their boosters and keep getting it and it’s weird that I never get it. Or maybe I get it but it’s super sneaky covid?

PPS. That last sentence was supposed to say that “I’m all shotted up” but autocorrect changed it and actually it’s probably pretty accurate so I’m just leaving it.

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