Interview: Thiagarajan Kumararaja (Modern Love Chennai, and this man’s mind)

What a fantastic interview BR! I loved the debate that happened between you two till the very end. And it was actually funny to see your jaw drop further and further with his comments at the end about movies being dissociated from the director.

I love TK based on whatever views he has espoused so far – a very self-aware person! And a lot of what he says resonates with me – like the fact that he doesn’t enjoy making movies but he has to, that he may not be able to make more than 6 movies because he may not feel excited anymore. I feel similarly in my profession as well – I don’t enjoy doing research, but I have to because it’s better than other things that I could do, I feel like I can think out of the box only for a few years, but I may not be able to contribute to novel research ideas after a while. I don’t think this is a zen state as you described it BR – it’s a very depressing, self-aware state in my opinion 🙂


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