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INSANE 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Trailer Teases New Couples, Return of Gino and Jasmine!

The new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is almost here. Season 6’s trailer is straight-up bonkers, with a few wholesome moments along the way.

This promo — just weeks ahead of the season premiere — introduces five new couples. (There are two more new couples! We just haven’t seen them yet)

Some immediately raise red flags. Others have viewers feeling the first tingles of emotional investment. And that’s not all.

Somehow, Gino and Jasmine have returned. And things are somehow even more explosive and dramatic than ever.

Amanda is 31 and from Louisiana. Razvan is 26 and from Romania.

She never imagined herself as a widowed mother of two until she lost her husband to cancer.

Amanda has fallen head over heels for Razvan. He’s warm, he makes her laugh. Oh, and he’s really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

They’re going to grapple with some obvious problems. Their online dating situation has only lasted four months before this trip. And Razvan is only 26. Is he ready for the realities of being a parent?

There are also potential jealousy issues. Razvan is a model. Viewers have seen couples in the past struggle when one is a model and the other is insecure.

Riley is a 48-year-old military veteran and jazz enthusiast from Virginia. Violet is 43 and from Vietnam.

After past heartbreaks that left him shaken and reluctant to trust, Riley fell for Violet online.

They’ve been talking for two years, and he’s ready to go to Vietnam and meet her for the first time. Things get pretty spicy when they meet up, too.

But Riley’s insecurities from the past have followed him into this relationship.

He has even taken the extraordinary step of hiring a private investigator.

Whether he’s unfairly not trusting her or whether she’s being unfaithful, this spells real trouble for their relationship.

We then see and hear Jasmine Pineda, 35-years-old and from Panama, visiting a doctor. Best guess? She’s seeking some sort of vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

Meanwhile, Gino Palazzolo is boarding a flight to Panama. So yes, they’re still together and trying to make it work.

We remember them all too well from last year. Screaming fights defined their story. Jasmine was quick to melt down, whether it was over the color of paint on the walls of a house that she had never visited … or over Gino leaking her nudes.

This season is going to show their reunion. This time, Gino is asking Jasmine if she is cheating on him.

Additionally, something that we have seen rarely in past seasons goes down for these two.

We’ll cover that … but you should really watch the trailer (below) to see it for yourself.

Meisha is 43 and hails from Minnesota. She was once a TV journalist who left her career behind and converted to Catholicism.

Years ago, she connected with Nicola. He is 46 years old. He is from Israel. And he is also a virgin.

After seven years of talking, they have fallen in love. And on this season, Meisha is flying to Israel to meet him.

Meisha’s hope is to return home to Minnesota an engaged woman.

But love is not enough by itself for any relationship. There are real concerns that his inexperience — on multiple levels — could make this romance dissatisfying.

And something tells us that there will be more at play in their story. Chances are pretty good that their story will be eye-catching and memorable.

On the wholesome side of things, we have 42-year-old David from Nebraska. He is deaf, and relies upon ASL to communicate in person.

Sheila is 31 and from The Philippines. She is a single mom, and she is also hearing impaired.

The two have been talking regularly for the past two years. Now, they’re meeting in person.

David has dealt with relationship troubles in the past. At times, struggling to connect with hearing partners. And he discovered that an ex was cheating on him.

Now, he’s sure that Sheila is the one. But, in person, she only knows limited signs. So it’s not the same as communicating via text.

They also both worry that Sheila’s son might not be able to connect with David. A complex situation, but we can already feel ourselves emotionally investing in them.

Tyray is 33 years old and from California. Carmella is 27 and from Barbados.

When Tyray’s mother suffered a stroke, he turned his entire life upside down to help her — including quitting his job and moving in with her.

Despite struggles with body image and meeting people, he has been dating Carmella online for years. Though most of their communications have been over Snapchat. (What year is it? 2015?)

However, the trailer does not show all good news. His “ready to be, like, husband and wife” dreams go up in smoke.

Why? A friend shows him apparent evidence that Carmella is a sex worker. It’s unclear if Tyray has some objections to this line of work, or if this is an honesty issue, or something else.

Either way, he dramatically throws his phone into the grass.

Here is the trailer itself. And Gino and Jasmine do steal the show of the couples so far.

As you can see in the trailer below, they are in the midst of recording their confessional when they have an explosive fight.

We do not know the context, but Gino calls her “a f–king idiot.”

This leads to them storming away from their seat, and not together.

Jasmine declares that she’s going back to her ex, who apparently knows “how to f–k” her better than Gino does.

Things look intense. No couple should behave this hatefully. In fact, no couple should do pretty much anything that these chuckleheads have been up to.

And Gino is still wearing hats. That’s his right, but it draws more attention to his head than not wearing them would.

Meanwhile, there are two new couples who did not feature in the first trailer.

While it’s kind of weird that the two couples are both LGBTQ+ in some capacity, it’s not unusual for trailers to introduce the cast little by little.

At some point, we’ll be meeting Christian and Cleo. Christian is from Minnesota, and Cleo is from the UK.

We will also be meeting Statler and Dempsey.

The new season premieres on June 4. That’s an appropriate debut for three of those as-yet-unseen cast members, because June is Pride Month.

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