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Wall Art that Reflects Your Personality

I have always loved carousing home style and décor magazines. All while looking at all the specially curated rooms with their perfect color coordinated décor that brought a warmth to the entire space, I would be envious that I could never repeat the same in my own home. I am a firm believer that the best place on Earth is within the walls of my home. I have spent thousands of hours decorating my home with texture and color (all while not spending a fortune) and I had been itching to do something extraordinary in my girls bedrooms.

One of my favorite new trends is wall art. You know the kind, that almost makes you feel as if you’re anywhere but a bedroom? Perhaps your floating amongst the hot air balloons or walking on the forest floor. For my youngest daughters room, I wanted to bring an accent wall of watercolors to tie her room all together. When Photowall contacted me for a product review, I just couldn’t say no. Photowall is literally the leader in the industry for wall art.

Photowall makes top-quality wall décor that gives rooms a brand new look and feel. All of their thousands of amazing styles and choices are handpicked and printed to order. You can even create and order wallpaper and prints with your own designs.

Your Only Limitation is your imagination

Imagine a shop where everything was exactly your aesthetic and anything would work for your space. That is what happened to me while I was shopping at Photowall. It took me longer to nail down a decision than it did to install the Photowall wallpaper itself. They use the highest quality materials and printing for their wallpapers. The assembly is super easy and their products are printed to your exact dimensions so they will fit perfectly on your wall. Best yet: wallpaper paste is included.

Our Photowall Wallpaper Installation Process

When I told my husband about my plans for our daughters accent wall in her room for this Photowall review, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He was dead-set that “wallpaper is awful, difficult to hang and a total nightmare”. So I hung the first two sections myself, with only the help of our daughter and I had no issues. While eating lunch before starting the next section, my husband popped in to check out progress and was stunned at how well we were doing. And low and behold he now wanted to help! Because of Photowall wallpaper, my husband no longer hates wallpaper, nor does he think it’s a nightmare to hang. However, now he will only use Photowall wallpaper to decorate our home LOL.

Our experience with Photowall wallpaper installation was a breeze. I purchased a paint roller for the wallpaper glue and a scraper to help secure the wallpaper to the wall. The entire process was complete within 2 hours. And the results are fantastic! We couldn’t love our daughters accent wall any more. And she loves loves loves it! Thank you Photowall for giving us the opportunity of taking our daughters room to ordinary….to extraordinary!

What to do now?

What are you going to do now? You’re going to head over to Photowall of course and get lost in all of your options of making your room go from ordinary to extraordinary!

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