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How To Teach Your Kids The 3 Most Important Manners

As a parent, you are also your child’s first teacher. So, when it comes to preparing them for the world, it’s your job to make sure that they have all the tools that they will need. This doesn’t just mean that you just pay attention to their grades and the extracurricular skills they pick up over time. Being kind, polite and cutaneous to others is just as important if not more. No one wants to deal with a person who is accomplished but has no idea how to conduct themselves well. This is why it’s so important to teach our kids basic manners that they need to know in order to live in a society. So, if you’re wondering what manners are the most important and absolutely essential that they grasp, and how to teach them these manners, we’ve got you covered. Just read on to know them all!

1. Saying Please And Thank You

The most basic form of manners and politeness starts with learning how to say please and thank you. This is the stepping stone towards every other phrase your child has to learn, so start with this one. Thankfully, saying please and thank you in relevant situations can be taught from a very young age. All you need to do is be appropriately encouraging of your child to use these terms when they ask for something or receive something.

The easiest way to go about introducing these manners into your child’s vocabulary is to model them when they ask for things. So when they say something like “Mommy, I want an apple,” correct them by saying “Mommy, may I please have an apple?” And then have them repeat the question. This way they know exactly what you expect them to say in these situations. Once you hand them the apple, ask them to say thank you. It’s really just as simple as that.

2. Cleaning Up After Themselves

This is one trait that’s bound to stick out wherever your little one goes. Cleaning after themselves doesn’t just show that your kids are tidy, but it also signals that they are considerate towards others and take responsibility for their things and actions. But cultivating this habit usually takes some time and preparation. After all, kids are so accustomed to leaving a tornado of food, toys and dirt wherever they go, without a second thought of the repercussions. And as parents we get used to picking up after them because we forget that they are capable enough to do these things by themselves.

This is why it’s important to teach your kids to clean up their first mess before they move on to create their next mess. Make sure that they learn to do this at other people’s houses too, even if the host insists that it’s not a big deal. Remember, you’re not shaming your kid for doing kid things. It’s perfectly okay for them to explore and make a bit of a mess, as long as they learn to clean up afterwards. This way, your child will be well-liked and invited to play again, which is exactly what you want. If your child has good manners then people like them more. If they are liked by others, then they may be offered more opportunities to explore their skills and talents due to the favor of others. This is why it’s integral that your child learns manners that appeal to society at large.

3. Saying Excuse Me

Even doing something as simple as saying excuse me when walking around someone is so crucial as it shows that you are self-aware and respect the personal space of those around you. And this is something that kids will benefit from learning to do. Usually, children are absentminded or just unaware that it’s rude to push or bump into someone and just keep walking. So, teach your children how to say excuse me when they encounter a small accident like this or if they are troubling someone for anything.

In addition to this. Teach your kids to stay out of someone’s way when they are riding a bike, walking on the same sidewalk as them or playing at the park. They need to know how to respect their own personal space as well as someone else’s.

4. Model Behavior For Them

The best way to teach your kids anything is to show them how to be well mannered. And this means practicing all of these major manners when you interact with them. They will observe what you do and copy the things you say.

Teaching your kids basic manners doesn’t have to be hard. Start early and make sure to emphasize the importance of having these manners as they grow older. Soon, your child won’t even have to think twice before being polite and respectful.

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