Hissterical Caturday Memes For Cats Who Have Ambitious World Domination Dreams (November 12, 2022)

Happy Caturday, fellow cat people! We would like to welcome you back to another fabulous Caturday celebration. It’s the most purrfect of the week, and we can spend it doing whatever we want and everything that we want. But we must start it off on the right paw. We must celebrate properly. And what’s the only proper way to start a Caturday? With a whole bunch of cat memes, of course!

Like we do every week, we have gone through the internet in search of the freshest and most delicious cat memes that humanity had to offer. After looking through these cat memes, you will have laughed so hard that you will feel the need to take a nap. But that’s okay. Naps are part of Caturday and Cattitude. We hope you enjoy this collection, friends, and see you here next week for more! 

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