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Hello everyone. I hope you’re having a lovely…

Hello everyone. I hope you’re having a lovely week. Let’s end it with another Generations Dice Roller baby name game! The names in this round are #140-160 in their year’s popularity.

The rules are as follows: Go to this dice roller, and adjust the settings to 6 sides, 3 die to roll and 5 times to roll them. Use the guide below to find out what to name your children.

First Number: Odd is a boy, even is a girl.
Second Number: Your first name category.
Third Number: Your middle name category.

As an example, if you roll 2 – 3 – 4, you would have a girl (first number is even), you would pick your first name from List 3 and your would pick your middle name from List 4.

Pick from this 1960′s list if you roll a one.
Boys – Edwin, Clifford, Kirk, Reginald, Glen, Francis, Perry, Alfred, Kent, Theodore
Girls – Dana, Monica, Sheryl, Melinda, Jackie, Patty, Doris, Toni, Charlene, Roberta

Pick from this 1970′s list if you roll a two.
Boys – Brad, Dwayne, Ernest, Leonard, Luis, Eugene, Ralph, Tommy, Kurt, Joshua
Girls – Sheri, Yvonne, Natalie, Martha, Shelley, Janice, Virginia, Tracie, Debbie, Samantha

Pick from this 1980′s list if you roll a three.
Boys – Joe, Jay, Albert, Cody, Manuel, Roberto, Wayne, Gerarld, Arthur, Jermaine
Girls – Meredith, Latasha, Rachael, Regina, Donna, Marie, Deborah, Carolyn, Nina, Deanna

Pick from this 1990′s list if you roll a four.
Boys – Jake, Allen, Russell, Edgar, Larry, Carl, Jerry, Tony, Mathew, Eduardo
Girls – Grace, Sierra, Candace, Jaclyn, Adriana, Krista, Alexa, Candice, Lacey, Rebekah

Pick from this 2000′s list if you roll a five.
Boys – Liam, Kaleb, Preston, Erik, Alexis, Owen, Omar, Diego, Dustin, Corey
Girls – Chelsea, Daisy, Kristen, Veronica, Isabelle, Summer, Hope, Brittney, Lydia, Hayley

Pick from this 2010′s list if you roll a six.
Boys – Devin, Elias, Jeremy, Jonah, Ivan, Easton, Jace, Oscar, Collin, Peyton
Girls – Laila, Jenna, Brooklynn, Aliyah, Piper, Mckenzie, Juliana, Giselle, Gabriela, Valerie

My children would be:
1 – 1 – 4: Theodore Mathew
2 – 6 – 4: Gabriela Grace
4 – 3 – 4: Nina Adriana
1 – 1 – 1: Edwin Kirk
4 – 2 – 5: Natalie Hope

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