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Our little native porcupine
You’re name suggests you are porcine.
An explosion in a needle store
A hedge hopping tiny spiky boar
You’re little mousy face
Pain too much I’d need a glove
You hide in leaves and sleep when cold
Beneath the colours red and gold
Until new life springs forth again
Little hedgehog in ball remain
When you finally thaw out
You’ll twitch and use your nosey snout
Rid my garden of all the pests.
Slugs and snails you will digest
So you are my garden ally
You clear my grass and keep no tally

No pay requested no fee or receipt

I’ll leave you food, my friend petite

Nev Raper

Fabulous Facts about Hedgehogs :-

There are 17 species of hedgehog.

They are found in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and were introduced in New Zealand by settlers.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, often sleep during the day in a nest or under bushes and shrubs before coming out to feed at night.

Hedgehogs are not related to other spine covered creatures such as the porcupine or echidna.

The spines of a hedgehogs, are stiff hollow hairs, they are not poisonous or barbed and cannot be easily removed, they fall out naturally when a hedgehog sheds its baby spines and grows adult spines a process called “quilling”.

Hedgehogs have about 5,000 to 6,500 spines at any one time.

Most hedgehog species will roll into a tight ball if threatened, making it hard for its attacker to get past the spiky defences.

A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet.

Hedgehogs communicate through a combination of snuffles, grunts and squeals.

Hedgehogs have weak eyesight but a strong sense of hearing and smell. They can swim, climb and run surprising quickly over short distances.

For their size hedgehogs have a relatively long lifespan. They live on average for 4 – 7 years in the wild and longer in captivity.

Hedgehogs in colder climates such as the UK will hibernate through winter.

If hedgehogs come in contact with humans they can sometimes pass on infections and diseases.

The hedgehogs is a pest in countries such as New Zealand where it has been introduced, as it does not have many natural predators and eats native species of insects, snails, lizards and baby ground-nesting birds

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The largest collection of hedgehog-related items consists of 881 items, and was achieved by Sally Cadirci (USA), as verified in Santee, California, USA, on 27 January 2019. Sally has been accumulating hedgehog items for over 40 years.

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Why can’t they just share the hedge?

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