Guilt Over Good


No fun here.

One can be guilty of many things.

Mostly bad stuff comes to mind.

But I ask you, can one be guilty of a GOOD thing?

Here’s my dilemma.

Speaking to those with multiple sclerosis, you already know that with a MS diagnosis there can be a truckload of symptoms, signs, reactions, maladies & ailments…affecting all from your ears to your toe nails & everything in between.


There can be pain, spasms, dizziness, tingling, numbness, incontinence, weakness, fatigue and more.

Crushing, debilitating stuff that beats the life out of us.

And here I stand (stooping, of course).  Big & tall & dumb.

Somewhat unscathed.

For that reason, I feel guilty.

Pest control.

Guilty.  Because I am good.  Some days, real good.

Oh sure, I have an arsenal of mobility aids as I move slower than a cashier at CVS.

But I have no pain.  None.

I see clearly.  My fingers work.  My memory is decent.   Fatigue is minimal.  While my bathroom issues are manageable.

I am pretty good.  Swirling with feelings of guilt for that same reason.

Barely a blip!



The funny meter is quick to remind me this post sounds more like a Hallmark special than a humor blog.




What’s the secret?  You got me.  Remember, everyone with MS is different.  Mine to yours.  Yours to hers.  Hers to his.  What she has–that one doesn’t.  Many have this–but only a few have that.

It’s all so damn confusing.  And frustrating too.

Therefore, you must do your best to find what’s right for you.  What helps?  What feels better? 

Then,  work it.  Fight it.  Don’t wait for a doctor or miracle pill to cure your ills. 

You gotta wrangle that beast with all you got. 

Move what you can.  Then do it again.

Reach.  Stretch.  Pull.  Squeeze.

I want YOU to be guilty of feeling good!



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