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Ghostface Killah’s Youngest Son Blasts Him For Being ‘The Definition Of A Deadbeat’: ‘You’ve Ghosted Us For Far Too Long’ – theJasmineBRAND

Ghostface Killah, Infinite Coles

Ghostface Killah’s Youngest Son Blasts Him For Being ‘The Definition Of A Deadbeat’: ‘You’ve Ghosted Us For Far Too Long’

The son of rapper Ghostface Killah is taking the family drama public.

Yesterday, May 24th, the youngest of the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder’s children, Infinite Coles, used his social media to accuse his father of treating his children as if they don’t exist and loving everyone around him more than them.

Ghostface Killah & Kids

In a lengthy social media post, Infinite Coles wrote:

“I have NEVER been the type to go online and talk about my personal life, my family, or my emotions. However, today I’m giving an inside look into my broken heart, because I’m feeling more lost and hopeless than I have ever been. @therealghostfacekillah I didn’t really want to do this; but at this point, I’m tired of keeping quiet to save your reputation. I’m tired of the PAIN. My heart has been aching and longing to be loved by you, MY FATHER for way too long,”


“The legend that you all love, Ghostface Killah is the full definition of a deadbeat.”

Ghostface Killah

The R&B singer went on to accuse Ghostface, real name Dennis David Coles, 53, of abandoning him and his siblings at important moments throughout their lives. Reportedly, the rap star has two other sons named Dennis David Coles and Supreme Intelligence Coles as well as an unidentified daughter who Infinite said suffers from mental illness. He continued in his revealing post:

“I haven’t had a full conversation with you or seen you in over 15 years! You haven’t once tried to reach out to see how I’m feeling or how I’m doing. I have messages that literally show me reaching out to you and receiving no response for over a DECADE!…Your daughter is mentally ill and you haven’t even come to make sure she’s ok or even get her help. YOU do not give a damn about your chidden and it’s time to lay this sh*t out on the table.”

Infinite went on to claim that his famous dad was cold to him and his siblings throughout their childhood and that for many years he hated himself because of Ghostface. The “No Room” artist — who is queer — also alluded that the hip-hop vet was not comfortable with his sexuality growing up.

The celebrity kid insisted that he was not looking for internet attention whatsoever, making clear his only goal is to hopefully reach his father’s heart. After the post went up, social media users were quick to chime in. Many expressed disappointment in Ghostface, seemingly appalled by the single reply from the musician among several unanswered messages sent by his son.

One user wrote:

“Also not ‘wherever you are’ my gosh that’s sick! I’m pissed!!”

While another added:

“I’m hurt, angry, pissed & stressed & im not even related so i cant imagine what u feel infinite love u so much”

Others shared similar thoughts and continued to pour out love to the young man.


It does not seem that Ghostface has responded to his son’s post publicly at this time.

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