Funniest Coworker Memes of the Week (May 3, 2023)

Claiming overtime gives us brief jolts of joy when receiving our monthly paycheck, but the reason for said overtime is that we’re seriously understaffed, so although we can hear the cha-ching of dollar bills entering our sad accounts, our sanity has slowly declined. Employees have been complaining about this lack of manpower for longer than they care to remember, and although bosses around the globe have continuously assured everyone that there will be new hires, it’s simply not happening.

Moods decline and the atmosphere at work becomes like a 7th-grade classroom, where everyone acts like they’re better than everyone else; so working with other people, AKA coworkers, which was tiresome, becomes a nightmare. You find yourself wondering, why didn’t you learn code back in the day? Your legs would be propped up on a hardwood oak table, sitting on a silk chair, your ears covered by the latest Apple technology which drowns out your neighbors singing in the shower.

But alas, you don’t work in tech, and your salary makes you want to scream at the poor barista who didn’t get your coffee right because 4 dollars for a coffee is a lot, and you would like to get your money’s worth, thank you very much. Below you’ll find some hilarious coworker memes to better your day. Also, smile at your barista. They’re going through a lot. For more like this, here are some more coworker memes to share with your office Karen.

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