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Fugs & Pieces, November 18th, 2022 – Go Fug Yourself

Happy Weekend Before Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! I hope you have fun and non-stressful plans for the week ahead and if you have to travel, that it’s easy and safe.

This seems like a good time to remind you that if Twitter dies forever, you can still find us on Instagram as @fuggirls (we’re also each on there individually, if you like), and on our site’s Facebook page. You can also, of course, find us here. Please don’t make us learn Mastodon. We have only just made peace with ignoring TikTok.

Are you ready to dive into your Christmas decorations? I AM and I got….low-key unhinged about it in this week’s shopping post. Cute wrapping paper! Insane $29,000 Christmas trees! A little felt Pizza Rat!

Related: Oooooh these little tartan shoes are CUTE. (Our annual tartan/plaid post is coming soon.) [Affiliate link to J.Crew]

Fascinating (and anxiety-provoking): How an American Survived Hiding From the Russians in Kherson for 8 Months.  [NYT]

A very interesting and thoughtful piece about Julia Fox at Lainey.

This guy seems like a good egg: “An American man has returned 19 antiquities to the four countries they came from after reading reports in the Guardian about the repatriation of looted antiquities.” [The Guardian]

This is great: I’M WEARING TUNICS NOW. I’m leaving the all caps! [McSweeney’s]

It’s gonna be some wild football weather this weekend, and this was fun: The NFL’s most famous snow games. I like the part where Steve Young was like, “well…..I did almost die in one of these.” [USA Today]

Super interesting, at Dwell: How E-Commerce Changed the Knock-Off Furniture Game.

Bravo to Brendan: Brendan Fraser is not a hypocrite. I’ll be very interested to see who DOES attend the Golden Globes. [Lainey]

Wow! ‘Polar Preet’ Sets Out to Become the First Woman to Cross Antarctica Solo and Unsupported. [Smithsonian]

Zosia Mamet’s Grub Street Diet is fun! It has a lot of horse content. (She loves giving her horse snacks, she’s not EATING horse, let me be scrupulously clear here.) [Grub Street]

Indeed: Hallmark Movies Haven’t Changed — Candace Cameron Bure Just Doesn’t Want to See Gay People on TV. [Defector]

Amazing! A censored nude painting from 1616 is set to be digitally unveiled. [NPR]

An evergreen question: Why Does Ticketmaster Still Suck? [Pajiba]

I feel like he should do this, like, today: Elon Musk will ‘eventually’ turn over his Twitter CEO position to someone else. (I also am writing this sentence late Thursday night and like….will Twitter even exist when you read this?!? TBD!!!!)[Celebitchy]

Finally, we had a fun convo this week about what we all had on our teenage bedroom walls. I had a giant Top Gun poster. This was eventually joined by this iconic Beverly Hills 90210 photo and a variety of other things I no longer recall. (I had an ICONIC Ralph Fiennes shrine in my college dorm room.)

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