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Fugs & Pieces, March 17th, 2023 – Go Fug Yourself

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! Don’t drink too much green beer.

This is a very good and quite interesting interview, at THR: Ben Affleck on ‘Air,’ New CEO Gig and Those Memes: “I Am Who I Am”. I laughed at this: “Yesterday there was a news cycle devoted to your parallel parking. Dude, you know how many people can get in that spot? That was world-class Boston finesse. Granted, I did decide maybe I’m not going to bump these people anymore because it’s the Pacific Palisades and they may view bumping the bumper differently than we did back home, but it was so fucking snug. I’ve never gotten a spot that good. It was not parking assist either.” You kinda forget Ben Affleck is smart.

Ryan Reynolds is having a VERY good year, financially-speaking. As Lainey says, “Ryan Reynolds is very good at business. ” He also might be buying the Ottawa Senators????

Great, at Vulture by Angelica Jade Bastién: The Self-possession of Angela Bassett

FYI, Madewell is having a big sale right now. [affiliate link]

Daniel Scheinert’s Oscars suit is from Unclaimed Baggage?! I’m obsessed with this. [Celebitchy]

This is highly relevant to my own interests, at Architectural Digest: How to Recreate Your Favorite Celebrity Bedrooms

Ditto: J.Crew Employees on What to Buy (and What to Skip) [The Strategist]

I know you’ll want to read this: Red herrings, skateboards, and Carrie Fisher: An oral history of mystery classic Clue [EW]

This piece at The New Yorker is SO cranky and also interesting: The Objectively Objectionable Grammatical Pet Peeve

SO fun and juicy: Inside Vanity Fair’s Starry Afterparty Where A-Listers Waited in Line and Justin Bieber Wore a Blanket

Related news you can use: A round-up of what was going on with various celebrity couples at the Oscars. [Lainey]

Really interesting, and very T&C, which is where this was published: Works By Suzie Zuzek, the Artist Behind Lilly Pulitzer’s Original Prints, Head to Auction for the First Time

HOT TAKE: I’ve Had It With Stunt Ice Cream Flavors.  [Eater]

THIS is exactly what I want to read: Everything That Goes into the Real Housewives Series’ Cast Trips [Conde Nast Traveler]

Speaking of travelling, we had a GREAT chat here about travel tips and recommendations.

Finally, it’s been a fun and exciting week for subscribers over at Drinks With Broads! Everyone got our post-Oscars round-up, and paid subscribers read our take on Law Roach’s retirement (among other things, including Nancy Meyers, Mean Girls Inception, Aaron Rodgers and his ridic darkness retreat that wasn’t, and the new True Lies). We also had a rollicking live thread during the Oscars, in case you missed it!

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