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Fugs and Pieces, March 24th, 2023 – Go Fug Yourself

Happy First Friday of Spring — to those of us in this hemisphere, anyway. I hope it’s sunny wherever you are.

We’ve got developments in the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise relationship…kinda? But it’s really interesting. Lainey writes, “What, then, is the play here? Why is the Daily Mail bringing up sh-t that was already public knowledge (most people are already quite aware that Tom and Suri have no relationship) and giving it a new twist? Who does it benefit?” Good question.

We had a very fun chat about the best things we’ve all bought recently.

If you’re gonna get plastic Birkenstocks for spring and summer, get ‘em now! (I have a pair of the Freedom Moses ones because the Birks were sold out and I love them for gardening and the pool because you can just hose them down.) [commissionable links]

This is so interesting, at Eater Travel: During Ramadan in Hyderabad, All Roads Lead to Haleem

The logistics article we’ve all wanted!!! At the LA Times: 4,500 words of dialogue, 250 times a year: How ‘The Young and the Restless’ is made..

Bon Appetit reports: I Spent a Week Getting All My Recipes and Restaurant Recommendations From TikTok. Here’s How It Went. (I am not currently on and never will be on TikTok! I simply do not have the bandwidth. But this is so interesting.)

Fascinating: What it looks like when a country doesn’t trust its banks. [Vox]

This story is wild: A wild cat was found in Cincinnati with cocaine in its system. No, it’s not a movie. Don’t worry, the cat is recovering well and in good hands. [NPR]

The NYT asks: Why Are Public Restrooms Still So Rare? I’ve used the one in the photo header on today’s Fugs and Pieces! It’s in Bryant Park in New York. It was nice when I used it!

Also: The Robots Can’t Take Taxi-Whistling Away From Me.

We talked about this at Drinks With Broads yesterday, but it seems like a real mess.  From Sarah over at Lainey: “In a bombshell announcement on Monday, Victoria Alonso, a long-time executive at Marvel Studios, ‘exited’ the company….Sources are saying that she was not fired. But her departure was definitely an industry shock. And while the public messaging isn’t that she was forced out, there will probably be more information in the days and weeks to come as the fallout ripples outside Disney and into more, er, hallowed halls than the Mouse House. So the question is why, after nearly eighteen years with the company, was Alonso unceremoniously departed?”

IMPORTANT: All of Real-Estate Mogul Taylor Swift’s Homes, Ranked. [Vulture]

Kim France is getting married soon — congrats, Kim!!!! — and she got the loveliest comments on this post where she asks for advice on a happy marriage. One of them made me cry! [Girls of a Certain Age]

This seems like one of those Hollywood dramas that I’m just going to let float past my own face and not really take on: Zachary Levi hints that Dwayne Johnson blocked Shazam! Fury of the Gods cameos.  [Socialite Life]

Related: Will Superhero Movie Fatigue Ever Finally Hit Hollywood? [Pajiba]

This seems right given their body language at the Vanity Fair Party. How nice! Kate Bosworth & Justin Long are probably engaged & ‘she can’t wait to marry him’. That is definitely an engagement ring! [Celebitchy]

We were thrilled to be on the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books podcast this week!

Finally, over at Drinks With Broads, Tuesday’s free-for-all newsletter covered FASHION UPHEAVAL, Victor Newman throwing a tantrum, the new Orient Express, and MAJOR Rich People Wedding News. Paid subscribers got a banger on Thursday, including our coverage of Daisy Jones and the Six, Gwyneth’s Ski Trial, the amusing adventures of Romy Coppola Mars, and a Jane Austen-connected compound for us all. As a reminder, Succession kicks off its final season on Sunday — you can catch up with last season’s recaps here!! — and our open thread/recaps are moving to Drinks With Broads for subscribers, so get in there if you want to yak about all those fuckers.

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