From the Web (FTW) #4: The wives who discovered they were gay

From today’s Hindu Sunday Magazine:

These women left socially secure marriages with men to find love, respect, and authenticity away from the rigid family structure.

Why is it that I can’t be someone at 20, someone else at 30, and someone quite different at 40? Sexuality is exploration.”

The year I turned 40, I decided to leave my marriage of 17 years for a woman. This is not an easy sentence to write, and I understand that in the process I may hurt a few people — I have a son, and parents, and an ex-husband who I am still very fond of. Love has no reason and sometimes takes on strange shapes that are inexplicable.

But writing about something that is a lived experience for me, and concealing my name would mean that I am operating from a place of shame, guilt, and fear, built up over decades, like thick castle walls. Individually, they can be deadly; together, they can erode, until you forget who you really are. And authenticity is having a moment — at least in my life.

Mine was not a journey towards lesbianism at all, but a connection with a person who happened to be female.

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