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Even Lizzo Agrees That “Angela Bassett Did The Thing”

BAFTAs producer Nick Bullen defended DeBose’s rap following its response. “I think it’s incredibly unfair, to be frank. I absolutely loved it,” he told Variety on Tuesday.

DeBose appeared to deactivate her Twitter account shortly after her performance. She also commented on writer Evan Ross Katz’s Instagram post in the days following, a compilation of memes about the performance. “Honestly I love this,” DeBose wrote. 

The story hasn’t died down just yet, as music director Benjamin Rauhala shared a video on TikTok on Thursday of her rehearsing the performance.

“We are giggling at everyone who has our campy little number stuck in their heads,” Rauhala wrote in the video. “Thank you for the love and the hilarious memes.”

With Lizzo now doing DeBose’s dance move, it’s likely only a matter of time before another celeb does the thing. Here’s hoping Rihanna is next.

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