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Emmerdale fans disgusted as Caleb discovers Nicky’s huge secret

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Thursday May 18, 2023), Caleb finally found out Nicky’s huge secret as he saw him kiss Ally goodbye.

Caleb confronted Nicky about his sexuality and told him that he had to stick to the plan of marrying Gabby.

Now, Emmerdale fans have been left disgusted by Caleb’s treatment of Nicky in response to discovering the truth.

Emmerdale's Caleb looks in disbelief

Caleb saw Nicky kiss Ally (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Caleb found out that Nicky is gay

Tonight, Nicky spent time with Ally away from the village, before returning back in his car. Saying goodbye, Nicky then kissed Ally.

Caleb happened to see Nicky with Ally and confronted him, furious that he would risk jeopardising their plan.

Nicky explained that he is gay and loves Ally, with Caleb being upset that Nicky hadn’t told him about his sexuality before despite telling his mum.

Caleb promised that he’d love Nicky no matter what. However, he told him that he still needed to marry Gabby. Nicky didn’t understand why Caleb needed him anymore once he gives him access to Kim’s accounts.

Nicky then rebelled and told Caleb that he could break things off with Gabby without creating any suspicion. However, Caleb told him that Nicky needed to marry Gabby so that they could get her shares of the HOP as well as Home Farm from Kim.

Reminding Nicky that they are a team, Caleb told him that he wanted to become a millionaire and help keep Nicky’s mum off the streets. He also threatened that they could both end up in prison if their plan fails.

As Caleb grabbed Nicky and demanded that he stick with the plan, he told him that he would destroy him if he ruined his chance to make serious cash. He didn’t care if they were family or not.

Caleb and Nicky talk together on Emmerdale

Fans feel sorry for Nicky (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans disgusted by Caleb’s treatment of Nicky

Emmerdale fans have been left disgusted by Caleb’s treatment of Nicky. They’re furious that Caleb’s forcing Nicky to marry Gabby despite knowing that he’s gay.

“This is [bleep], Caleb is actually forcing his own son to do something he don’t want to for his personal gain, how [bleep] revolting!” raged one. Others definitely agreed.

Nicky carries on planning the wedding (Credit: ITV)

Will Nicky ruin Caleb’s plan?

Next week, it seems like Nicky’s ready to go ahead and marry Gabby as he continues to plan his wedding to her.

However, when Gabby asks Nicky to sleep with her, he suggests that they wait until they’re married before sleeping with each other again.

How long will Nicky be able to keep up this act for? Will he eventually rebel and ruin Caleb’s plan of taking Home Farm and the HOP?

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Emmerdale - Nicky and Ally Kiss (10th May 2023)

Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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